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Thank Goodness for Crochet

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I wanted to reach out and let everyone know I was still around! I have missed my daily updates and I will endeavour to be regular with my updates.

As with any great post title, I have come up today with “Thank Goodness for Crochet”. My reason for saying this is simple – I love it. I have been recently spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest and have found a mountain of ideas to play with and get inspiration from. I have created a board that is called Crochet Stitch Patterns which I need to try. I’ve been thrilled with all the different stitch patters, combo’s, or techniques out there that are absolutely beautiful.

If you’re on Pinterest, follow me at Crochet4mybutterfly and you too can link to this board as I add to it.

Crochet Cowl with new stitch technique
Crochet Cowl with new stitch technique

I am very  lucky to be able to share this with you today. The above photo is a 2 row repeat that looks complex when it’s actually quite simple. Well, I will be off as I go on with my search for new and fresh ideas that are in the crochet world.

Have a super happy and sunny day!


For some time now I have dreamed of becoming a crochet designer. So when I contacted Elann and they gave me a chance, I was thrilled to work with them and their high quality yarns. Please help me support my yarn provider of choice by supporting them. You can find many of my patterns for sale on their website at or their Facebook page

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