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Crochet Magazine – Entwine

Hi Everyone!

Once again I have a pattern that has been published on the online Magazine called Entwine. Its a gorgeous cowl/infinity scarf that works up easily and fast.


My favorite accessory to make is a cowl or infinity scarf.  Its always great when you get a compliment on your outfit or scarf as it pulls it all together.



I have three cowls above that I have made patterns for and I will be realeasing the patterns in the next day or so!  The good news for you is that I will offer the pattern up for one of these cowls for free for a short time and then officially add it to my ETSY store.

I will keep you all posted on how to get your free pattern as soon as I have it all set up.

Have a really great day/evening when you get to this post.

Thanks for reading!

Corinne – Crochet 4 My Butterfly
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Holiday Greetings & Black Friday

Hello my crafty friends,

To all persons, I wish you warm Holiday Greetings! This past year – for me at least, makes me thankful for so many things- its crazy. I hope whereever you may be in Canada – like me – in the US, or abroad – that this day or time of year allows you to reflect and thank your blessings.

The Black Friday sales events that occur in the US are quickly becoming a custom Canadians are also enjoying. So I am going to follow suit and send this out to all of my contacts. Starting today I am offering free shipping on all orders above $50.00. I have some great new things to offer and some traditional. Just select your items in my ESTY store and then when you’re done go to the cart and puti n FREESHIP1

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Crochet Ideas for back to school

[subscribe2]Hello my crafty friends,

As I look around at the stores that I frequent I see “Back to School” signs just about everywhere. My little butterfly (our granddaughter) lives with us but she is a few years away from this yet just turning 3 in May. So I look over at the mom’s trying to get their children into some appropriate fall clothing and the ongoing battle that is required on what binders, pens and paper are needed.

When my daughter was just becoming a tween I ended up setting a budget on what we would buy. I can remember those days standing in Staples and basically negotiating with my daughter ok so you have now gone past your budget of for books, paper and pen what item will you be putting back?

We didn’t really enjoy this part of the shopping as you surely can tell. But once we moved to the clothing side we still had a budget but a lot of what she would have was from my crochet hook. So that gave us a bit of freedom when we shopped. Today I wish I had kept some of those things I made for her but a lot of it was tailor made for her based on what she had told me was the “latest” looks or styles. There was many a time that I had created a sweater and ripped it completely apart because it wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. Lol, I seriously know where I get my grey hair these days…..

Tonight I thought I would share 3 patterns that could still be done up for the start of school.

Perfect for those chilly fall mornings is a poncho that is very easily sized for any height.

Box Stitch Poncho
Box Stitch Poncho

Fingerless gloves are very popular for many.

A brimmed cable detailed hat is also a must have.Crochet Hat Pattern

I do hope that if your running from store to store to get your children outfitted for the coming days of school that it’s going smoothly and that you can find some crochet ideas for back to school that will help you get those wardrobes finalized with ease.  Please check out my pattern section for the patterns, and if you require a custom order contact me through the website to discuss you needs

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Crocheting with Charts

Hello my crafty friends,

We are in the midst of having a heat wave, at this time of year we are usually treated to a couple of weeks of beautifully warm temperatures. This year however it has been hot for several weeks so the weather is definitely a treat and the thoughts of yarns is usually a distant thought, for me I haven’t picked up my hook seriously for several months so I am enjoying my time with creating a few smaller projects such as hats.I now have a few hats done for the fall season and I hope that I will be able to hit a few craft fairs this fall/winter season. This will all be dependent on my health and if there is some improvements so please send some good vibes to me. So with this new found resurgence of interest in my love of crochet I have become a pinning fool and I am looking forward to receiving a purchase of a Japanese crochet stitch book I found on Etsy. But I probably wouldn’t have been so brave if I hadn’t found a pattern for a hat that I truly love. I think I found this hat on Laurie Wheelers blog and I truly loved it and bought the pattern right away. The pattern for hat is from DaisyEzyCraft shop on Etsy. I just love it and truly enjoyed making it! Please find the picture of the hat I took off of her shop page on Etsy.
Amazing Pattern

This is one of the best patterns I have come across with step by step crochet photo tutorials and excellent instructions that for someone like me who isn’t as versed on crocheting with charts is very great as I have often passed on patterns without the written instructions. As you may have guessed I have often felt a bit intimidated with crochet charts but since following this pattern with such excellent presentation I don’t feel quite as timid as I did before. I did send out my thanks to this shop owner but I just had to feature her design and the hat with you. I do have my second one completed now but don’t seem to have a model around to get its photographed. I will share at a later date when I have one ready and a model. So I bid you a goodnight I hope you all have a great deal of warm weather to enjoy in this next few weeks!


For some time now I have dreamed of becoming a crochet designer. So when I contacted Elann and they gave me a chance, I was thrilled to work with them and their high quality yarns. Please help me support my yarn provider of choice by supporting them. You can find many of my patterns for sale on their website at or their Facebook page