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Holiday Greetings & Black Friday

Hello my crafty friends,

To all persons, I wish you warm Holiday Greetings! This past year – for me at least, makes me thankful for so many things- its crazy. I hope whereever you may be in Canada – like me – in the US, or abroad – that this day or time of year allows you to reflect and thank your blessings.

The Black Friday sales events that occur in the US are quickly becoming a custom Canadians are also enjoying. So I am going to follow suit and send this out to all of my contacts. Starting today I am offering free shipping on all orders above $50.00. I have some great new things to offer and some traditional. Just select your items in my ESTY store and then when you’re done go to the cart and puti n FREESHIP1

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Blogging – I Love it – and my little butterfly!

Ok so I honestly didn’t realize I would love this blogging thing as much as I do! Ultimately I am the type of person who likes action and not a lot of talk. If you read my blog then I think it is quite apparent! I love talking about my adventures with my crafty side and my creations so the discussion points seem endless to me.

Here is today’s picture of my butterfly, she gives me so much joy I can’t express it enough! Although we are raising her she is so much fun and keeps both my husband and I laughing daily!

Now what are you doing with Grandma's phone! Lol
Now what are you doing with Grandma’s phone! Lol

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Bags of Love

I have recently joined a group of ladies that truly do inspire me. The groups original name was “Bags of Love”. They crochet and knit items that are for those small little ones that must be apprehended from their unsafe or unhealthy living arrangements. Many time as the children are taken to be put into a foster home they have nothing of their own.

So the bags of love group of ladies make baby blanket, toys, hats, scarves so those with nothing soon have something they can call their own.

Isn’t it a super rewarding thing to be using your crafting talents for the good of others!!!

Happy Wednesday all!!!!