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Holiday Greetings & Black Friday

Hello my crafty friends,

To all persons, I wish you warm Holiday Greetings! This past year – for me at least, makes me thankful for so many things- its crazy. I hope whereever you may be in Canada – like me – in the US, or abroad – that this day or time of year allows you to reflect and thank your blessings.

The Black Friday sales events that occur in the US are quickly becoming a custom Canadians are also enjoying. So I am going to follow suit and send this out to all of my contacts. Starting today I am offering free shipping on all orders above $50.00. I have some great new things to offer and some traditional. Just select your items in my ESTY store and then when you’re done go to the cart and puti n FREESHIP1

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My Favorite Crochet Stitch Pattern

I have a favorite stitch pattern that I have used for years to make hats, scarves, neck warmers, cowls and so many other things the list is too long to mention. I have just finished a pair of fingerless gloves in a lemon lime bamboo silk yarn using this stitch in my etsy store: my etsy store

For many years I did not know what it was called. The knowledge if this was handed down in my family and it was also taught to me. I have shown many friends and taught them the technique only to admit that I didn’t know what it was called. It is always the stitch pattern that others comment on and ask me how I do it as it produces a very unique and pretty design with both solid and variegated yarns.

After many inquiries and searching I was lucky to find a tutorial from another bloggers post called the crochet spot’s that had finally answered the question I had searched years for. The stitch has been referred to as “the block stitch” or “crazy shells”.

It looks so complicated but it’s basically a series of double crochets worked in a diagonal strip.

Please check out the gloves and I will also post the link from the crochet spot I found. I would love to hear what you all think of it.the crochet spot