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Crocheting and Coughs

Hello Friends,

We had these amazing plans for this weekend but around mid-week, I came down with a nasty cold and the part that always gets me is the coughing; especially at night when one is supposed to get the rest needed to get over the darn thing in the first place. However, my husband and I prevailed and we went up to our little bit of paradise on Friday and by the time we got there, the 3 of us were at various stages of the cold.

The worst of which was my granddaughter – who at 3 – ends up with the roughest go – in my opinion as kids can’t take much except some tylenol. There are no cold meds for kids under six here which is probably a blessing in disguise. But when your little one is in the midst of a croup type cough and fever, you sure wish there was something that would help besides tylenol. My husband found some cough syrup that she likes (probably out of sheer desparation that she can take, although the effectiveness is suspect at this point).

So our long weekend is done and we are back home snuggled in our woolies and I have a couple of crochet projects – soon to be patterns to show you. I hope to have these written up & finished this week and can post them for you to all enjoy!

Here is the first, which is done in a beautiful chunky Bernat yarn in a color I normally wouldn’t choose but I really like it done up. I would sure love some ideas on names for it.


The second is also done up in the same yarn, but in a gorgeous light blue. Its a new stitch pattern for me but a really easy one to master. It makes such a great infinity scarf and it will be super warm and soft against the neck.


I hope everyone’s week is good and the cold bug stays away from you!

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5 thoughts on “Crocheting and Coughs

  1. Hello, I love your crochet, it is beauty, I love this colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet with free patterns and free crochet diagrams, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
    Visite meu blog – Tita Carré – Crochet

    1. Thank you so much I love to crochet and use gorgeous yarns! I will definitely visit your blog as well. If you haven’t already please sign up for my newsletter on my website crochet4 my and receive 2 of my patterns for free. Have a great day! Corinne

  2. Hope you all get better soon. A thing that works for coughs for any age; cover your feet with vicks vapour rub and put a pair of socks on. Don’t know why but it works.

    1. Thanks Susan! I will try that!

    2. I tried your vicks on my feet and i was amazed that it worked great! Just wanted to say thanks very much!

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