Crochet Patterns by Corinne

Please view my crochet patterns by Corinne on my Etsy Store. More to come soon!


I have been crocheting for many moons, and I have recently started publishing my crochet patterns. You can find them on the ETSY store link here, Craftsy and Ravelry.  I have long had the goal of designing crochet items and garments, and pride myself in designing crochet items that have multiple ways to wear them or use them.

For some time now I have dreamed of becoming a crochet designer. So when I contacted Elann and they gave me a chance, I was thrilled to work with them and their high quality yarns. Please help me support my yarn provider of choice by supporting them. You can find many of my patterns for sale on their website at or on their Facebook page

I love to crochet and I can literally spend hours working on a project. There is absolutely nothing better than attending a craft fair and lugging in all the crochet items I have made and then selling my items to customers.  It’s like a stamp of approval because people like what you have made.

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