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Crochet 4 the home on Pinterest

Hello all!

I love to spend time going through anything crochet on Pinterest. Sometimes, I see such creative ideas that I just have to comment on them. I have found 2 pins that I just love and had to share!

Click on the images to take you directly to the pin!

What a great use of crochet to accent a light fixture. To think you could use either some crochet you have inherited or you could make your own.


There are so many other ways that you can create for your home and I have several pins in my Pinterest board called Crochet 4 the home (these pins will be added to this board). This image will take you to that pin as well. Its got step-by-step instructions and that in my books, is always great!


The second pin I found is truly another great idea. I may be unique in this but I really dislike it when the top I am wanting to wear is at the bottom of my closet because it has slid down off of my hanger. Here is a great idea to keep your clothing secure on those hangers and they look so great as well!


These hangers just add a bit of class to an otherwise boring closet, don’t you think?


Well there is my crochet meanderings for tonight, I hope you all have a great day!
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