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Crochet 4 the Home from Pinterest

Hello all,

I am a passionate crocheter and with that, I love to not only create; but also look at other creations and go on what I like to call “Pin hunts”. LOL!

I usually spend a lot of time on Pinterest – marvelling at the creativity and absolute ingenious creations out there.

Here are four pins that I think are incredible!





There is nothing better than having a nice rug to help you get the chill out of your tooties! I do not care for cold feet so this looks like a great rug for that!








Now isn’t this just an awesome idea? I think these might be in the near future of me crocheting for my butterflys’ toys (did I mention she has wayyyyy too many)…  lol









Not that I am the greatest cook but I think this creation below is fabulous! I am thinking that it could be delivered for a friend who is recovering from a flu bug or cold…








I am just totally fascinated by the below creations. Perhaps, it’s because I honestly hate my lighting fixture in my dinning room but I think this is a huge wow!





Which one is your favorite? I love to hear from you all anytime!

CorinneCrochet 4 My Butterfly
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