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Butterfly Picture

Hello my crafty friends, 

Tonight, I thought I would share a picture with all of you that was taken over this past holiday season. While making some hats, my little butterfly decided she liked one of the new ones. It makes me giggle each time I look at it as we had such a great holiday season and my little butterfly (aka granddaughter) decided – she too – needed some crochet for herself.  

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Earlier tonight, I was honoured with a photo that was shared on Crochet4mybutterfly’s facebook page by “Flo”. It was an amazing hat that she has created with some awesome detail. So this got me thinking – I would love to see others’ crochet creations as well. Share your creation! Post yours on our Facebook Page!   

I sure hope that you will share and more importantly, comment on all the creativity that is out there from others’ pictures. Creativity is something that is nutured over years and years of trials and errors.  

Have a fabulous weekend all! 

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