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Box Stitch or Corner 2 Corner (C2C)

Hello, my crafty friends!
One of my absolute favorite crochet stitches to use is the Box Stitch or Corner to Corner (C2C), but I have a question when did it become the C2C name? I have heard it as different names over the years and I can see why from a purely technical point of view why was the C2C name adopted?



Many years ago my Aunt taught me the stitch and I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the stitches and how it looks like the shells like one is sideways and on top of the other.  I can specifically remember asking my Aunt then what is this stitch pattern called?  She didn’t know so instead of worrying I happily kept crochet along with my new skill.


I was literally just starting on my journey of loving crochet. But every once in a while I would try to find the name but always seemed to come up empty. Then finally I was thrilled to see on a blog that I followed a name for this beautiful stitch and it was coined the box stitch, so after finding a name that made sense to me (as the stitches do resemble boxes) that is what I went by and excitedly told my Aunt and we both had an ahhh moment because that was a perfect name in our minds.


I went on to do tutorials and searches on the internet for the box stitch and found only a couple of them was a named loosely translated from the Spanish stitch called the crazy shells stitch. Even this name I could understand as it does look like the shells have gone crazy (lol).
From a pure technical perspective you do start at a corner and then work diagonally across the rows but then shouldn’t the name be more like diagonal crochet?
I am curious and would love to hear your thoughts on the name, and what do you think best suits this stitch technique?

  • The Box Stitch
  • The Crazy Shells Stitch
  • or lastly, C2C?

I have a couple of patterns that I do a modified version of the Box Stitch.

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Hat & Scarf set

Hat Pattern
Hat Pattern

Scarf Pattern
Scarf Pattern

Have a super day!

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